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Picture of People in GreecePeople: Woman crossing a street in PiraeusPicture of Houses in GreeceHouses: Buildings in Piraeus, the port of Athens
Picture of Transportation in GreeceTransportation: Mules used as transportation on HydraPicture of Food in GreeceFood: Fresh food has just been brought to the island of Hydra
Picture of Nature in GreeceNature: Sky in the Saronic Gulf colored red by the forest fires of August 2007Picture of Jobs in GreeceJobs: Fisherman on Hydra island
Picture of Shops in GreeceShops: Butcher shop in PiraeusPicture of Streets in GreeceStreets: Pedestrian bridge in Piraeus at dusk
Picture of Religion in GreeceReligion: Small chapel on HydraPicture of Animals in GreeceAnimals: Mule, cat, people
Picture of Schools in GreeceSchools: Gymnasium (An academic high school in many European countries that prepares students for the university) on Poros island
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Capital: Athens
Population: 10,8 mln
Surface: 131,940 sq km
Languages: Greek
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With some 3,000 islands, Greece has the 10th longest coastline in the world with 15,000 km
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