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Picture of People in GuineaPeople: Men in a Guinean villagePicture of Houses in GuineaHouses: Tukul hut in Guinean village
Picture of Transportation in GuineaTransportation: Boat transporting people and vehicles across the riverPicture of Nature in GuineaNature: Small waterfall in Guinea
Picture of Jobs in GuineaJobs: Guinean bricklayersPicture of Shops in GuineaShops: Guinean market
Picture of Streets in GuineaStreets: Street in Guinean villagePicture of Religion in GuineaReligion: A mosque in Conakry
Picture of Schools in GuineaSchools: Children in Koran school
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Capital: Conakry
Population: 10,9 mln
Surface: 245,857 sq km
Languages: French, Wolof, Fulani, Mandinka, local dialects
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The boundaries of present-day Guinea were set at the turn of the twentieth century by France, Britain and Portugal
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