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Picture of People in IsraelPeople: Young women having fun on the beach in Tel AvivPicture of Houses in IsraelHouses: Colorful houses on the Tel Aviv beach front
Picture of Transportation in IsraelTransportation: Train at a station in Tel AvivPicture of Food in IsraelFood: Mint tea and baklava in East Jerusalem
Picture of Climate in IsraelClimate: Sun and shadows on a wall in Tel AvivPicture of Jobs in IsraelJobs: Shop owner in Tel Aviv
Picture of Shops in IsraelShops: Book stall in Tel AvivPicture of Streets in IsraelStreets: Graffiti in East Jerusalem
Picture of Religion in IsraelReligion: The Grand Synagogue in Tel AvivPicture of Animals in IsraelAnimals: Cats in a garbage container in Tel Aviv
Picture of Schools in IsraelSchools: Teacher and students at an Israeli school
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Capital: Jerusalem
Population: 7,6 mln
Surface: 20,770 sq km
Languages: Arabic, Hebrew
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Golda Meir became Israel's Prime Minister in 1969. She was the world's second female Prime Minister after Mrs. Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka who was the first female Prime Minister of a country
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