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Immagine della posizione nel mondo di RumaniaFai clic per vedere il paese nel suo continente: Rumania
Capitale: Bucharest
Popolazione: 21,8 mln
Superficie: 237.500 km2
Lingue: Rumeno, Ungherese, Tedesco
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Bram Stokers book "Dracula" is based upon a real person, Prince Vlad, or as he was called also in his own time, Dracula (which means "Son of the Dragon"), or Vlad the Impaler. He ruled the kingdom of Wallachia in southern Romania in the 15th century, and was as infamous for his sadistic and cruel ways of killing his enemies, or people who just bothered him, as he was famous for his resistance against the Ottoman Turks. One of the things that gave Vlad the Impaler his name was building a forest of thousands of impaled subjects around his castle. The subjects had been killed for even the vaguest suspicion of disloyalty, and sometimes the impalements were merely meant to show what could happen to those considering being disloyal
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