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Picture of People in OmanPeople: Omani women having a chatPicture of Houses in OmanHouses: Omani architecture: close-up of Jabrin Castle
Picture of Transportation in OmanTransportation: Golden Honda by the sea in OmanPicture of Food in OmanFood: Food in Oman is often influenced by workers from India: chapati and sauce
Picture of Nature in OmanNature: Rocky landscape in OmanPicture of Climate in OmanClimate: Sunset over the Hajjar mountains in Oman
Picture of Celebrations in OmanCelebrations: People and cars around a mosque in Al Hamra at EidPicture of Games in OmanGames: Playing football in Misfat
Picture of Jobs in OmanJobs: Road workers on the Muscat-Qurayat roadPicture of Shops in OmanShops: Food stuff store in Qurayat
Picture of Specifics in OmanSpecifics: Qurayat castlePicture of Streets in OmanStreets: Street in Bahla
Picture of Religion in OmanReligion: Mosque in MuscatPicture of Animals in OmanAnimals: Goat in the streets of Qurayat
Picture of Schools in OmanSchools: Private school in Qurm, suburb of Muscat
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Capital: Muscat
Population: 3,1 mln
Surface: 212,460 sq km
Languages: Arabic, Baluchi, Urdu
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Tourists were only allowed into Oman at the beginning of the 1990s
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