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Picture of People in SyriaPeople: Man from BosraPicture of Houses in SyriaHouses: View over Aleppo
Picture of Nature in SyriaNature: Landscape near MaloulaPicture of Climate in SyriaClimate: Dry, cracked earth at Mari
Picture of Jobs in SyriaJobs: Shepherd at ApameaPicture of Shops in SyriaShops: Carpet shop in Bosra
Picture of Specifics in SyriaSpecifics: The beautiful and well preserved castle Krak des ChevaliersPicture of Streets in SyriaStreets: Bridge over the River Euphrates river in Deir Es Zor
Picture of Religion in SyriaReligion: Man relaxing in Omayyad mosque in DamascusPicture of Animals in SyriaAnimals: Sheep in northern Syria
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Capital: Damascus
Population: 22,5 mln
Surface: 185,180 sq km
Languages: Arabic, Kurdish, Armenian
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The capital of Syria, Damascus, is one of the world's oldest continuously inhabited cities
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