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About us

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Welcome to www.visualgeography.com!

Developers of this site are Boris Kester (photographer, webmaster and writer) and Nana Bjørnlund (photographer, editor and writer).

Years of traveling and a passion for photography has left us with a lot of visual material and a desire to share our excitement about the many special places we have been. As developer of www.traveladventures.org Boris has during the years received many requests from teachers and students from around the world to use his pictures for educational purposes. Based on these requests we decided to create a new site dedicated to those studying and teaching about the world. As the name indicates, we have given the visual impression on this site more priority than the written word; we hope you will make use of these impressions, and do you have any suggestions, corrections or comments, don't hesitate to let us know.

With kind regards,
Boris & Nana