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Picture of Dominican Republic in North AmericaNorth America: Kids playing in Santo Domingo (Games in Dominican Republic)Picture of Eritrea in AfricaAfrica: Donkey in Asmara (Animals in Eritrea)
Picture of United Arab Emirates in AsiaAsia: Apartment building in Dubai (Houses in United Arab Emirates)Picture of Finland in EuropeEurope: Window decoration in a Finnish shop (Shops in Finland)
Picture of Samoa in OceaniaOceania: Asphalt road in Samoa (Streets in Samoa)Picture of Surinam in South AmericaSouth America: A typical wooden house in Paramaribo: the ministry of Justice and Police (Houses in Surinam)
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Perhaps the most famous Georgian was Josef Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, known as "Stalin" or man of steel. Born in 1879, Stalin became the second leader of the USSR (after Lenin). Stalin led the USSR until his death in 1953
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