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Picture of U.S.A. in North AmericaNorth America: Fruit and vegetable store in New York (Shops in U.S.A.)Picture of Ethiopia in AfricaAfrica: In Harar most houses are kept colorful and bright (Houses in Ethiopia)
Picture of Brunei in AsiaAsia: Close-up of tree in Bukit Patoi rainforest (Nature in Brunei)Picture of Bulgaria in EuropeEurope: Tourist bus and cyclist in Sofia (Transportation in Bulgaria)
Picture of New Zealand in OceaniaOceania: Rugby match played in Dunedin, Otago (Games in New Zealand)Picture of Guyana in South AmericaSouth America: Cars and pedestrians in Georgetown (Streets in Guyana)
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King Canute the Great was ruler of an empire that included England, Denmark, Norway and parts of Sweden. Legend has it that, tired of hollow flattering from his courtiers, Canute had his throne carried to the seashore in England and sat on it as the tide came in, commanding the waves to advance no further. When they didn't, he had made his point that, though the deeds of kings might appear great in the minds of men, they were as nothing in the face of God's power
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