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Picture of People in GuyanaPeople: Man living on the Potaro river in central GuyanaPicture of Schools in GuyanaSchools: Two Mills Primary School near Bartica
Picture of Food in GuyanaFood: Curry and chicken served with rotiPicture of Games in GuyanaGames: People playing cricket in the streets of Georgetown
Picture of Climate in GuyanaClimate: Sunrise over the Essequibo river in central GuyanaPicture of Animals in GuyanaAnimals: The endemic Kaieteur golden frog spends its entire life in giant bromeliards
Picture of Transportation in GuyanaTransportation: Landing strip near Kaieteur FallsPicture of Streets in GuyanaStreets: Country road in central Guyana
Picture of Houses in GuyanaHouses: Typical Guyanese housePicture of Religion in GuyanaReligion: St. George's Cathedral in Georgetown
Picture of Shops in GuyanaShops: Fruit stall in GeorgetownPicture of Jobs in GuyanaJobs: Men working in a garage in central Guyana
Picture of Nature in GuyanaNature: A view from the top of Kaieteur Falls, the largest single-drop falls in the worldPicture of Specifics in GuyanaSpecifics: Man walking on the sea wall in Georgetown
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Capital: Georgetown
Population: 765,000
Surface: 214,970 sq km
Languages: English, Amerindian dialects, Creole patois, Hindi, Urdu
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Jonestown in northwestern Guyana was the site of the 1978 mass suicide-and-murder of the Peoples Temple cult, founded by Jim Jones. More than 900 people, including 276 children, died in the incident
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