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Picture of People in EgyptPeople: Girl from Siwa with henna on her handPicture of Houses in EgyptHouses: Houseboat on the River Nile in Cairo
Picture of Transportation in EgyptTransportation: Tram station in AlexandriaPicture of Food in EgyptFood: The Egyptian dish kosheri
Picture of Nature in EgyptNature: Dune in the Great Sand SeaPicture of Climate in EgyptClimate: Sunset over Cairo
Picture of Celebrations in EgyptCelebrations: Cairo after sunset during RamadanPicture of Games in EgyptGames: Boys playing football in Cairo
Picture of Jobs in EgyptJobs: Shoemaker in CairoPicture of Shops in EgyptShops: Butcher shop in Assala
Picture of Specifics in EgyptSpecifics: Khafre's Pyramid seen from GizaPicture of Streets in EgyptStreets: Street in Cairo
Picture of Religion in EgyptReligion: Interior of Sultan Hassan mausoleumPicture of Animals in EgyptAnimals: Goats in Assala
Picture of Schools in EgyptSchools: Primary students in a Alexandria school
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Image of map of Egypt
Image of position in world of EgyptClick to see country in continent: Egypt
Capital: Cairo
Population: 83,7 mln
Surface: 1,001,450 sq km
Languages: Arabic
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The Egyptians invented paper. Almost 5,000 years ago, in ancient Egypt, the papyrus plant was processed and used as paper
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