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Picture of People in GeorgiaPeople: Elderly woman in her Tblisi homePicture of Houses in GeorgiaHouses: Houses in Tblisi
Picture of Transportation in GeorgiaTransportation: A less than glamorous Georgian busPicture of Food in GeorgiaFood: Dried fish in a Tblisi shop
Picture of Nature in GeorgiaNature: Georgian mountain landscapePicture of Climate in GeorgiaClimate: It's a rainy day in Georgia
Picture of Games in GeorgiaGames: One of the slopes of Gudauri ski areaPicture of Jobs in GeorgiaJobs: Georgian woman and girl selling bread
Picture of Shops in GeorgiaShops: Snack stall at the Gudauri ski areaPicture of Specifics in GeorgiaSpecifics: A gift to Stalin from the Netherlands
Picture of Streets in GeorgiaStreets: Bridge over Mtkvari riverPicture of Religion in GeorgiaReligion: Interior of Jvari Church in Mtskheta
Picture of Animals in GeorgiaAnimals: Sheep in the Georgian mountains
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Capital: T'bilisi
Population: 4,6 mln
Surface: 69,700 sq km
Languages: Georgian, Russian, Armenian, Azerbaijani
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Perhaps the most famous Georgian was Josef Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, known as "Stalin" or man of steel. Born in 1879, Stalin became the second leader of the USSR (after Lenin). Stalin led the USSR until his death in 1953
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