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Picture of People in IndiaPeople: Indian women in DelhiPicture of Houses in IndiaHouses: Houses in Delhi
Picture of Transportation in IndiaTransportation: Inside a metro train in DelhiPicture of Food in IndiaFood: Traditional Indian food with Poppadom, rice, sauces and yoghurt dips
Picture of Nature in IndiaNature: Man sitting on the ruins of a building in Trankebar that got devastated by the 2004 tsunamiPicture of Games in IndiaGames: Boys playing cricket in Delhi
Picture of Jobs in IndiaJobs: Bricklayers in DelhiPicture of Shops in IndiaShops: Shops in Chandni Chowk area in Delhi
Picture of Specifics in IndiaSpecifics: The Taj Mahal in AgraPicture of Streets in IndiaStreets: Street life in Delhi
Picture of Religion in IndiaReligion: Decorated door inside the ruins of Qutab MinarPicture of Animals in IndiaAnimals: Monkeys on a Delhi roof
Picture of Schools in IndiaSchools: Indian girl in school uniform
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Capital: New Delhi
Population: 1,2 bln.
Surface: 3,287,590 sq km
Languages: Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Urdu, English, local dialects
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The Taj Mahal, the tomb Shah Jehan built for his wife in India, took twenty two years to build employing twenty thousand laborers
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