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Picture of Climate in ItalyClimate: Snow in MilanPicture of Houses in ItalyHouses: House in Trastevere, Rome
Picture of People in ItalyPeople: Couple walking in VenicePicture of Religion in ItalyReligion: Catholic nuns
Picture of Shops in ItalyShops: The best of Italian designPicture of Transportation in ItalyTransportation: Trams, cars, pedestrians and scooters in Milan
Picture of Streets in ItalyStreets: Street in SaronnoPicture of Nature in ItalyNature: Ligurian coast
Picture of Jobs in ItalyJobs: A Venice gondolierPicture of Food in ItalyFood: The typical Italian dish, spaghetti Bolognese
Picture of Schools in ItalySchools: Banners outside a school in VenicePicture of Specifics in ItalySpecifics: Side building of the Baths of Caracalla
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Capital: Rome
Population: 61,3 mln
Surface: 301,230 sq km
Languages: Italian
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With 41 sites, Italy is home to the highest number of Unesco World Heritage Sites of all countries
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