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Picture of People in PortugalPeople: Women talking in the street in LisbonPicture of Houses in PortugalHouses: View over Lisbon rooftops
Picture of Transportation in PortugalTransportation: Tram in a steep Lisbon streetPicture of Nature in PortugalNature: Portugese coastline
Picture of Climate in PortugalClimate: Sunny day by the coastPicture of Jobs in PortugalJobs: Shoemaker in Lisbon
Picture of Shops in PortugalShops: The famous A Brasileira Café in LisbonPicture of Specifics in PortugalSpecifics: Map of the world on the pavement at Padrão dos Descobrimentos
Picture of Streets in PortugalStreets: Small street leading to the river TejoPicture of Religion in PortugalReligion: Detail from a Portugese church window
Picture of Animals in PortugalAnimals: Grazing cows on the Azores
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Capital: Lisbon
Population: 10,8 mln
Surface: 92,391 sq km
Languages: Portuguese
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The Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan led the first expidition around the world in 1522, discovered the passage south of South America - now called Straits of Magellan - but died before he could return to Portugal
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