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Picture of People in VietnamPeople: Children from a village in Central HighlandsPicture of Houses in VietnamHouses: Man in front of his house in a village in Central Highlands
Picture of Transportation in VietnamTransportation: People riding scooters in SaigonPicture of Food in VietnamFood: Woman making rice pancakes
Picture of Nature in VietnamNature: The lush and green landscape of the Central HighlandsPicture of Climate in VietnamClimate: Rain in Halong Bay
Picture of Jobs in VietnamJobs: A Vietnamese tour guide in northern VietnamPicture of Shops in VietnamShops: Fruit and vegetable market
Picture of Streets in VietnamStreets: Bridge in Central HighlandsPicture of Religion in VietnamReligion: Temple at My Son
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Capital: Hanoi
Population: 91,5 mln
Surface: 329,560 sq km
Languages: Hmong, Vietnamese, local dialects
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The First Indochina War (1946-1954) ended with the Geneva Agreement dividing Vietnam into North Vietnam and South Vietnam
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