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Picture of People in YemenPeople: Father and son in traditional clothesPicture of Houses in YemenHouses: Houses and some of the many gardens of Sanaa
Picture of Transportation in YemenTransportation: Donkey used for transportation in Haraz mountainsPicture of Nature in YemenNature: Desert in the Ma'rib area
Picture of Climate in YemenClimate: Fog in the Haraz mountainsPicture of Jobs in YemenJobs: Young shepherd in Haraz mountains
Picture of Shops in YemenShops: People in the souk of Sanaa reflected in mirrorsPicture of Specifics in YemenSpecifics: The much desired qat leaves
Picture of Streets in YemenStreets: The busy Bab al-Yaman in SanaaPicture of Religion in YemenReligion: Mosque of Queen Arwa in Jibla
Picture of Animals in YemenAnimals: Dromedary in Wadi Hadramawt
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Capital: San'a
Population: 21mln
Surface: 527,970 sq km
Languages: Arabic
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In Yemen it is normal for a man to carry weapons. It is estimated that there are three weapons per person in Yemen
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