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Picture of People in PeruPeople: Businessmen reading newspapers in LimaPicture of Houses in PeruHouses: Colorful building in Nazca
Picture of Transportation in PeruTransportation: Cessna plane used to fly over the Nazca linesPicture of Food in PeruFood: The Peruvian dish ceviche
Picture of Nature in PeruNature: The world's tallest sand dune, Cerro Blanco, in southern PeruPicture of Climate in PeruClimate: Sunset in southern Peru
Picture of Games in PeruGames: Football figure close to the stadium in LimaPicture of Jobs in PeruJobs: Police officers on duty at Plaza de Armas in Lima
Picture of Shops in PeruShops: Men looking at magazines at a magazine and newspaper stand in LimaPicture of Specifics in PeruSpecifics: Ruins of Machu Picchu
Picture of Streets in PeruStreets: The Pan-American highway in southern PeruPicture of Religion in PeruReligion: Small cemetery near Nazca
Picture of Animals in PeruAnimals: Lama at Machu Picchu ruinsPicture of Schools in PeruSchools: Students at Colegio Nacional Josefina Mejia de Bocanegra in Nazca
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Capital: Lima
Population: 29,5 mln
Surface: 1,285,220 sq km
Languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara, local dialects
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"Mestizos" is the term used for people of mixed Indian and Spanish descent
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